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Crashfaster (www.crashfaster.com) is an electronic musician hailing from San Francisco, California. His style skirts several genres including chiptune, electro, dance and synth-pop. He combines the chipsets of a Gameboy, NES and C64 with the analog beats of an 808/909 and a Vocoder to craft his sound.

Crashfaster also founded and runs 8bitSF (www.8bitSF.com), an organization that showcases chip-centric artists in the Bay Area.

Disconnect is crashfaster's first official release.


released February 15, 2011

all songs written and performed by morgan tucker
except "sweetbread" written by doctor popular

recorded and mixed at monobomb studios in san francisco, ca
mastered by hans dekline at sound bites dog in los angeles, ca

illustration by richard alexander caraballo


all rights reserved



crashfaster San Francisco, California

crashfaster is a San Francisco-dwelling electronic rock group born from the ashes of discarded technology. The band features frontman Morgan Tucker, vocalist Keiko Takamura, guitarist Ryan Case and percussionist Devin Nixon. Together, the group has launched into new songwriting territory and a ferocious live show. ... more

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Track Name: anthem
oh, my love
release me tonight

this is how it will end
leave it all behind
we delete ourselves
crash into the night
Track Name: time
(she said)
i want to be somebody new
i want to run away from you
i would do anything to change
i would give this all away

everything around us changed
but us, we are still the same
friends have come and friends have gone
we are here and
time is moving on and on

i don’t want anything new
all I really want is you
i don’t want my world to change
i just want us to stay the same

please, i don’t want to change
please, never ever leave
please, can’t things just stay the same?
please, never ever leave

(she said)
if i stay behind for you
i will never forgive you
so please just let me leave
and never ever change
Track Name: supernova
a supernova waiting to die
for a moment we consume the sky
fill the darkness with a brilliant light
we will burn the air tonight

our bodies collide like stars above
destroying everything around
leaving empty space surrounding
we have become the horizon

nothing lasts forever
hold on tight before it’s gone

we burn bright
we burn fast
we’ll burn out
nothing lasts
even if it’s just tonight
we’ll eclipse the morning light

the sky is red with blood
a shadow play of fire and ice
we can’t stop what we’ve become
we embrace one last time
pieces of us fall to earth
cast out from heaven above
setting the fields ablaze
with the embers of our caustic love

the sun pales in our wake
the earth trembles beneath our weight
unable to withstand the force, we let go
just let go, let it go, let it go

the supernova has come and gone
leaving emptiness behind
it is gone forever
scarring the sands of time
Track Name: save me
i work days and I work nights
to fill the emptiness inside
but nothing’s working anymore
this hole is begging me for more
i walk alone
i drink alone
i spend my nights alone and
i pass the people on the street
pleading with my eyes

save me
because I can’t do this alone
i can’t be so alone
save me from myself and
this self-constructed cell
this bitter, empty shell

it’s getting so the sound of speech
is awkward to my ears and
coming home to nothing
is the only constant thing
the walls are slowly closing in
and I am dying to get out
can’t you see me sinking?
can’t you hear me screaming?

no matter where I move
this feeling follows me
it takes me to the same empty bed
the same silent halls
and if I fall alone tonight
will anybody care?
and if I call aloud
will anybody hear…
Track Name: sweetbread
did we break up
to test the effects in space
or did you wake up
with those tears rolling down your face
we'll be fine but in no time
the sunshine fades away
there'll be no more gravity
to pull those tears slowly down your face

in the shuttle with you
in my airtight suit

and then I wake up
to the sounds coming off of the streets
but when I take off and
get myself some coffee
i'm so haunted
by the faces and places around me
there's no intermission
is this your Mission
or can I stay

at the party with you
in my favorite suit
in the shuttle with you
in my airtight space suit

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